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Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Biblical Languages Research Course reserves B502/B602 2022 Semester 2
Soh, Davina
Tuesdays Aug-Nov 2022, 7pm-10pm
Old Testament Foundations Course reserves B514/B614 2022 Semester 2
Wong 黄广荣, Isaac
Wednesdays Aug-Nov 2022, 7pm-10pm
Pentateuch Course reserves B516A/B616A 2022 Semester 2
David Lim Han Hui
(Self- Directed). Aug-Nov 2022
基督与文化 Course reserves B530A / B630A 2019 Semester 2
洪国雄牧师, Frederick
8月2日-11月1日; 周二 7pm - 10pm
罗马书 Course reserves B537A / B637A 2022 Semester 2
Lim Han Hui 林函辉, David
Romans Course reserves B537A/B637A 2022 Semester 2
Wong 黄广荣, Isaac
Mondays Aug-Nov 2022, 7pm-10pm
Holy Spirit And Ministry Course reserves B537A/B637A/T620H 2022 Semester 2
卓威廉牧师博士, William Toh
Thursdays Aug-Nov 2022, 7pm-10pm
Biblical Preaching Course reserves M510A/M610A 2022 Semester 2
David Lim Han Hui
Wednesdays, Aug-Nov 2022 7pm-10pm
教会历史 Course reserves T510A / T610A 2022 Semester 2
Joseph Tan 陈约瑟牧师
8月3日-11月2日; 周三 7pm - 10pm
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